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We are a very mature group of players. Average age over 20. All the commanders are in there 30's and 40's. We have a few younger guys in the group but not many under 20. Myself, I am a VET of 8 years Mech INF attached to a tanker battalion out of 10th mountain DIV. We have quite a few guys X military and allot who are not.

More then Half of us come from another game were we were in squads together. Some of us have been playing together for 3 years or more. This gives us the ability to know how to run an online Squad. It gets to be like a family on line and you get to know your fellow players very well under Sims battle conditions.

We are looking for players who can make most missions SAT and Thru 8pm eastern SAT being the big joint squad night. We have a 4 channel RW station up so we can give each squad there own Com . With my tuner I can tune to any channel while still in the game to talk to the company commanders. You can always find a few of us on most nights 4-6 on HQ com 1. That's were we meet on RW to find each other in the games. We have about 17-18 core guys who show up to almost every event. I hope to build this up to double that. We have about 10 -12 guys who are not as active but once summer is over that may change. I am looking to have about 20 guys in each company and about 10 -12 in the HQ.

With my Squad real life comes first just let me know whats going on so we know your still interested. That's all I ask. Any one in a commanders or XO position must come on a regular bases to the meetings. If your not around for along time with no contacts we will just put ya on an Inactive status.

DOC VOODOO CO of 357th Fighter Group

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