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Personalized Forums Signatures

UBB Code for Pic and Link -- [url=][img]Your Personal URL CODE HERE[/img][/url]

Sample of Personalized Signature

How Do I post these??

**1st Copy the blue part of the UBB code, then go into the WW2ol forum of your choice.

**2nd Enter a Topic you want to post in, Click on post reply. This will bring up a section
for you to post your message in. At the left of this White Box there will be a link to
"Signature Editor", click on this. It will bring up a pop up window. Highlight whatever is
there and right click and hit Paste. Then click the button "Save Signature" If there is nothing in your Signature box already Click the curser into the box, right click, and Hit paste. Then hit the button Save Signature??
Are these the Final Signatures??

** I'm not sure, I may mess around with them in the near future, maybe not. It just depends on
how they look after I futz with them. Anyway it goes though the Code you have will not change.
If I update the sigs, they'll update automaticly the next time you post.
Can I Mess with the Sig design??

No, please don't. If you want to add your name, Rank or such in there somewhere thats fine. But please don't alter the basic design . I can add your name and such also if you
want yours personalized, or even pics. But please send me a request by ICQ or Email
and I'll get hoppin on fixing you up!!   Thanks

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